Friday, November 25, 2011


by N. Jane Allio

Blue the color of you
Calming, Chopping, Chattering you
Home beloved, Life giving, Life taking you
Earth-wide, Cloud-wide, Being-wide, you.

Green the color of your tarns
Simulacrum charm of the mountain's youth
Trees and Leaves and Reeves, you
Captured in the morning dew.

White the color of your wisps
Fluffy dust-lights from the sky, you
Falling to the agog earth below you
Arresting to the land, the trees, the me's beneath, you.

Grey the color of you bedraggled
Filched and Hallowed, Imbibed, you
Heedless of our greed for you
Needless of our feed of you.

Transparent the color of your strength
To Fill and Bleed and Lead us, you
In the wind and as the rain you
Play with us a maritime game.
     For we will come and we will go
     But you will always flow.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tasty - Updated

Good Morning Readers!

  I have added a new recipe to The Tasty: Hand-Whisked Mini Meringues & Berry Marmalade. These really do melt in your mouth and are such a nice alternative to traditional cookies. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did last night!

Thanks for reading,
 N. Jane Allio 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Still We Walk Together

by N. Jane Allio

We have walked together
though streets of cities unknown,
Lingered in gardens
or on bridge tops.
Sailed side by side on oceans of blue green and white foam,
Flooded rooms with laughter and witty banter,
skipped by the river of the Chattahoochee,
Climbed snow-capped mountains in rented boots,
and swam in frigid waters for New Year's custom.
Holy united on forgotten farmland country roads,
glistened in the moonlight on soft pillowed sand
on cold September nights,
Scaled rooftops, train trestles,
parking decks, and tree limbs.
Listened while you spake softly to me
and watched as you got down on one knee,
Waited patiently miles apart for "we"
and even married,
Conjointly, journeyed to foreign lands
in search of a new dwelling to call our own.
We have walked together in lifetimes passed,
down the lane of our toasty happy home,
through the turbulent waves of life's storm,
Braving fear of uncertainty and loss,
Breathing the crispness of winter's first wind,
Basking naked in the rays of summer sunlight
so temperate and kind.
Clothed in garments of patience,
Rooted in everlasting love,
Mounted upon the wings of hope,
Still we walk together.