Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Young Wife's Tale

By N. Jane Allio

In the stillness of the morning sun
Your hands reach around my waist
Pull me close into your heart
The warmth of your body envelopes me
Your Ora permeates mine and they combine

Eyes squeezed shut
Heads held close
Tangled in this moment
We cannot hold

And then life hits like a ton of bricks

Taken for granted
Tainted and scattered
Clutching so tight
I wont let it breathe

Confusion and pain
Anger again-
Playing the blaming game
I give in to my insecurity
Loose my grip on reality

Weaknesses I fail to see
Coming from inside me
Ugly and Crude
I'm rude to you-
My words are arrows
Perfectly aimed for injury

Your patient silence screams in my heart
Wanting to let go of the old
Afraid of the new
I wont let me trust you
My stubborn pride

I take to the sea -
Allow my fears to wash over me
Realized disdained
Renounce the ill and somehow reconcile my will

Your eyes have never left me
Watching and waiting quietly
No hint of reproof
Photo contribution by N.Allio
Wisdom in full -
You knowing how I bloom
Oh the lessons I learn with you

You remain steadfast and pure
Trusting me when I wont trust you
Leading me in love and truth
While I mitigate my youth

Love is not an object to attain
Nor is it a losing game
It is the holy arch between us two
Reminding me I can start anew.

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