Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Everyday Contemplation.

By N. Jane Allio

So I am sitting at a café typing away sipping my tea with my head phones in – not listening to music.

I am not sure when exactly I got into the habit of doing this. I am pretty sure it was when I was in high school and would study either out at a cafe or at home in a (for lack of a better term) “public area” and I wanted not to be disturbed by others, yet didn’t mind the ambient sounds drifting in one ear and out the other- like the aroma of freshly baked pie filling the air with a sweetness that is almost edible. The sound is comforting to me. It is a sign of people living life, being out in the world, doing exciting things.

In the midst of all these sounds I cannot help but single out a comment here, an exclamation there, the low rumble of music playing quietly. My eyes wonder about glancing at the faces of people coming and going. I know it is a little obvious, but it amazes me at how much diversity there is in this world. There are so many different people and sounds, I am blessed to be able to hear and see what is happening around me. For instance, there is this girl sitting at the barista bar with a beautifully crafted Mohawk, such an encouraging site! What kind of place would the world be if everyone expressed themselves so freely, allowing their courageous creativity to touch passersby with unsolicited inspiration?

Some days, I find the need to simply pause and appreciate what this life has given.
People, nature, the world, they all inspire me to create something magical.
So in the spirit of thanks here is a little rhyme in, of course, three quarters time:)

My word of choice for contemplation,
gives way to unbridled visualization-
of grey skies turning blue –
sound too true for you?

Well then let me give you a pop,
that bubble has now been stopped:
the double sum of a troublesome thought,
can only be plucked by wrought.
So as today comes to a close,
say, “thank you” to your pinky toes.

Photo by N.Jane Allio

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