Thursday, March 8, 2012

Carpe Diem

By N. Jane Allio

I found myself wallowing between the past and the present today. Dwelling willfully in the memories of family and friends far away. Such gloom was beginning to steal the sun out of my usually sunny disposition.

While it is always pleasant to think upon the past, getting wrapped up in it so much that I am not being fully aware takes for granted the beautiful moment at hand.

Preoccupying my mind by living in memories of the past disconnects me from that special place in my mind and body where I allow the day to organically unfold before me; like a flower's petals unfolding to bask in the first rays of the morning sun. The little nuances that give each day a different meaning get drowned out by the white-noise of normality. Consequently resulting in missed opportunities, however big or small.

I usually tread down this road when I do not take time to focus my mind which, for me, means meditating and practicing yoga in the morning. These habitual rituals tidy my mind, so to speak, leaving a clean space for what the day may have in store. Allowing each passing minute to be new and special in its own way.

There is no moment like right now, to fully appreciate it I must be fully present. How can I appreciate the view if I don't open my eyes and look around? Well I can't. I must open my eyes and look, and when my eyes are open I see that beauty abounds.

Photo by N. Jane Allio

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